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Welcome to the official website of Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair, your source for reliable and affordable semi truck repair in Michigan. T&T Mobile Repair was founded by Tyler King, the company’s sole proprietor and owner. Tyler is a proud veteran of the 13th COSCOM (Corps Support Command) Unit in Iraq.

Tyler Repairing a broken down truckCOSCOM is known as the spearhead of logistics, and it was during his time with the COSCOM Unit that Tyler learned the importance and need for transportation. He also learned the craft of mobile truck repairs. In Iraq, Tyler’s job was to keep crucial goods and supplies flowing to his fellow troops by providing the best possible breakdown service for the Army’s vehicles.

The Army taught Tyler all about operating an effective breakdown service and how to work with honesty, integrity, and discipline. Working to keep the Army’s most important trucks moving taught Tyler the skills he needs to help keep you and your vehicle moving. If he could quickly repair Army vehicles under immense pressure in the heat of the desert in Iraq, imagine what Tyler and T&T Mobile Repair can do for you! Working on trucks in the desert wasn’t easy, but Tyler always got the job done. These days, working on semi trucks on the side of Michigan’s busiest roads is a piece of cake for Tyler compared to the time he spent in Iraq.

Today, Tyler lives in Grand Blanc, Michigan with his significant other Jennifer, daughter Lexi, and son Brady. Contact Tyler and T&T Mobile Repair today to get back on the road with the best semi truck repair service in Michigan! You’ll be happy you did, and Tyler will be just as happy to help.

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