• A Buying Guide for Used Semi Trailers

    At Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair, our expert mechanics have successfully performed thousands of Michigan trailer repairs over the years. We know exactly what makes for a “good buy” and what to avoid when looking to purchase a new (or used) trailer. To make the process easier, we’ve put together this useful buying guide for […]

  • Keep on Truckin’ – A Winter Maintenance Checklist

    In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of being prepared for a winter breakdown. With the colder weather comes a higher chance of unexpected engine, tire or drivetrain failure. In this month’s blog post, we’ve compiled a checklist of items that you can inspect yourself to reduce the risk of getting stranded. Tires […]

  • Staying Prepared for Winter Breakdowns

    The winter weather is in full swing in Michigan and there are even more cold months ahead. During this time of year, even the most experienced truckers may deal with unexpected breakdowns and roadside emergencies, so being prepared is essential. To stay safe and warm in the event your truck is completely inoperable, Truck & […]

  • 2 Essential Trailer Maintenance Tips

    Any trucker knows that your trailer is just as important as the truck pulling it. If your trailer isn’t working properly, it can cost you time, gas and most importantly – big repair bills. To keep your trailer running efficiently and effectively, here are two important components to keep an eye on: Suspension Your trailer’s […]

  • Truck Repair When You Need It Most

    At Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair, we know that preventative maintenance can significantly extend the life of your truck’s engine and drivetrain components; but what happens when maintenance isn’t enough? No matter how well you care for your rig, breakdowns can still occur. Whether it’s a blown tire or a broken radiator hose, knowing who […]

  • Your Summer Service Checklist

    With summer in full swing, it’s the best time of year to consider a preventative maintenence appointment with Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair. Being prepared for the warmer conditions is the best way to keep your ride running smoothly and the leading Michigan semi truck repair service is here to help! We’ve compiled a checklist […]

  • How to Save on Roadside Breakdown Service

    In our last blog post, we discussed ways to save on trailer repairs – but preventative maintenance isn’t a “silver bullet” that completely eliminates all breakdowns. Fortunately, roadside assistance from mobile repair mechanics is more readily available now than ever before. With cell phones, GPS systems and the Internet to connect truckers to dispatchers to […]

  • 3 Easy Ways to Save on Trailer Repair

    When it comes to semi trailers, there are several common problems that can lead to expensive repairs. But did you know some of these can be avoided with some simple preparation? Our trailer repair experts at Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair have put together the following checklist which could help you save thousands per year […]

  • Easy Solutions to 3 Common Diesel Engine Problems

    Diesel engines are known for their longevity, power and reliability – but they’re not without their flaws. Although heavy-duty and semi trucks have long used diesel powerplants to operate for their ability to handle long haul highway trips, truckers can still end up stranded if these engines aren’t properly maintained. Our Michigan diesel truck repair […]

  • The Most Common Problems New Truckers Will Face

    Let’s face it – accidents do happen. Even the most experienced truckers can regularly experience breakdowns. While more experienced drivers can easily identify telltale signs of forthcoming mechanical failures; rookie truckers may not know the difference between a cooling system problem and an electrical fault. Troubleshooting these different issues can be difficult for new truckers, […]

  • 2 Ways to Save on Repair Service

    Looking to reduce your semi truck or trailer repair bills in 2016? You may not realize it, but there are many ways to eliminate unnecessary costs without sacrificing quality work and reliable parts. Truck & Trailer Mobile Repair is not only Michigan’s leading semi repair company, but we’re also experts in preventative maintenance! To help […]

  • New Year Cold Weather Semi Truck Checks

    As colder weather hits the midwest, truckers know that winter repairs are ahead. Although unexpected breakdowns can happen at any time, we’ve compiled a list of some winter repairs you may encounter. Hydraulic Hoses The rubber used in hoses for semi trucks and trailers is tough – but not invincible. The cold temperature outside and […]